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Please note:
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Required Items

Additional documents are required if you are a nonresident. The following items are required for your appointment. If you do not bring them we may not be able to complete your tax return and/or you may forfeit your appointment:

If you want to file MN property tax refund you must bring:

Click here for information on 1042-S documents

Booking Guidelines

  1. One appointment per person
  2. You must use x500 ( email address to book appointment
  3. You must show photo ID at check-in
  4. You can have multiple waitlist positions
  5. If you do not show up then you don’t get another appointment (You may cancel up to 6 hours in advance of your appointment with no penalties)
  6. For now, we do not allow any physical waiting without position on wait list or appointment.
  7. If an appointment slot opens up, everyone on the wait list will get an email update. The first person to book, gets the appointment slot.

Sprintax Information

First, and most importantly, you should not need to pay to complete your tax returns.

If you have gone through the ISSS website to create your account for Sprintax, there will be a code applied that will let you do your federal return for free. Once your federal return is completed, if you earned money in Minnesota you should do a Minnesota state return. At the NRVTAP site we will help you complete your Minnesota return for free. We will also help you complete any other federal or Minnesota forms you might need. You have the option of completing your Minnesota return on Sprintax, but they will charge you for this (~$26). This is optional, you can select "remove" at the payment step for the Minnesota return, or any other forms, and they will not charge you for it.

Second, when you complete your federal return in Sprintax, you will get a .pdf document that will have your tax forms in it – a form 8843, as well as a form 1040NR or 1040NR-EZ. These are what you need to print out and bring to the clinic. As a part of the clinic we will review your federal return. If there are any issues, if you bring your laptop with you, we can help you go back into Sprintax to make changes and get a new .pdf version of your tax forms. The forms are only officially complete when you sign and date them, and then physically mail them in to the IRS.

We would also encourage you to review the presentation about filing your federal nonresident tax return here, as this has some useful tips and information about Sprintax, and how to find information you may need to complete your return.

1042-S Documents

The 1042-S forms will be mailed by March 15th. If you are going to receive a 1042-S form, please make your appointment for after spring break week (March 26 or later). If you are going to receive a 1042-S but do not yet have it, you must wait until you have the form to prepare your taxes. Your taxes will be incorrect if you try to prepare your returns without all income documents. If you file your taxes without including all income, the IRS and MN may charge you interest and/or penalties on top of the additional tax they will calculate you owe.

If you do not know do not know if you are going to receive a 1042-S and you received received any type of income or benefits from UMN in 2018 please ask the UMN Office of Human Resources by emailing [email protected] or call them at 612-624-8647 or 800-756-2363

Students who will not receive a 1042-S are encouraged to make appointments in February or early March.